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Family Planning Saves Lives

Each year, an estimated 342,500 women die from complications of childbirth or pregnancy. Up to one-third of these deaths could be prevented if women had access to contraception.

In addition, 22 million abortions could be averted if all couples who needed it were using family planning. And 1.4 million infant deaths could be prevented.

When women and couples can plan their families, everyone can have a better life. Learn more about what EngenderHeath is doing to expand access to family planning in dozens of countries around the world.


Poverty, Stability, and the environment 

What’s the connection between using family planning, reducing hunger, and lifting people out of poverty?
Millions of couples wish to plan their families but lack access to contraception. With smaller families, parents can afford more for each child—providing better food, shelter, education, and health care. Ultimately, this raises savings, boosts productivity, and leads to economic growth.

How can improved access to family planning lead to improved economic and political stability?
Poor countries with burgeoning populations, especially in the under-30 age group, experience the most strife: In the last three decades, 80% of civil conflicts have occurred in countries where at least 60% of the population was younger than 30, according to Population Action International. As countries advance to lower birth rates and death rates, families have more access to health care and education. When women, and men, can plan their families and have more opportunities to earn a living, vulnerability to civil conflict decreases.

How can using family planning reduce strain on the environment?
In many places, population growth strains natural resources and leads to water shortages, deforestation, and animal extinction. When couples are able have smaller families, they preserve essential resources and ease pressure on the environment.


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